Santa Barbara POA Endorses Kristen Sneddon for District 4

**Originally Posted TUESDAY, 17 OCTOBER 2017

Santa Barbara Police Officers’ Association endorses Kristen Sneddon for District 4. Kristen puts great emphasis on the importance of law enforcement. Although District 4 is not a high crime area, Kristen wants to assure that the Police Department has the resources necessary to ensure safety for Santa Barbara’s neighborhoods.

Kristen also recognizes that District 4 is a fire prone area. Due to the drought and the changing climate, fire safety has become absolutely essential. She plans on providing the Fire Department with resources they need to keep Santa Barbara families safe in their homes.

The Santa Barbara POA endorses Kristen Sneddon for District 4 because of her dedication to keeping this a safe place to live. Thank you, Kristen.

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