City of Santa Barbara Public Safety Backs District Candidates for City Council and Measure C

**Originally Posted WEDNESDAY, 11 OCTOBER 2017

The Santa Barbara Police Officers Association and the Santa Barbara City Firefighters Association endorse candidates for all district seats and support for Measure C in the upcoming City of Santa Barbara election.

SANTA BARBARA, CA – The two organizations, representing the men and women on the front lines of public safety in the City of Santa Barbara, have come together to endorse a slate of district council candidates for the November 7th election as well as support for Measure C, the sales tax initiative to fund the City’s outstanding infrastructure backlog.

“Our organizations appreciate how important this election is. This is the first true district and city-wide election. We felt it imperative that fire and police were in agreement about how we stand on these issues,” said Tony Pighetti, spokesman for the Santa Barbara City Firefighters Association.

Eric Beecher, president of the Santa Barbara Police Officers Association, agreed, “This is an historic election. Our organizations took a lot of care and effort in this decision. All the candidates bring a lot to the table, but we feel the ones we are backing have the most to offer in support of public safety.”

The endorsements are as follows:

4th District – Kristen Sneddon, Environmental Geology Instructor Santa Barbara City College

5th District – Warner McGrew, retired City of Santa Barbara Fire Chief

6th District – Gregg Hart, incumbent Santa Barbara City Councilmember

Yes on Measure C – 1 cent sales tax measure to fund infrastructure improvement

The integrity of the City’s infrastructure is critical for public safety agencies to do their jobs effectively. Fixing potholes, earthquake retrofitting local bridges and upgrading outdated emergency communications systems are a huge benefit for police and fire. Measure C accomplishes all this as well as maintaining essential police, fire and 911 emergency medical response in addition to other essential city services.

“This was an obvious choice for us,” Beecher said. “Measure C funds stay local to fund local infrastructure needs, and citizens’ oversite committee will make sure the funds are used as voters direct.”

“We’ve been concerned about this issue for some time. We are happy that the City found a way to address these funding needs with a long-term and equitable solution,” stated Pighetti.

“The men and women of public safety in the City of Santa Barbara stand united in their support of Kristen Sneddon, Warner McGrew, Gregg Hart, and Yes on Measure C,” affirmed Beecher and Pighetti.

About the Santa Barbara Police Officers Association

The goal of the Santa Barbara Police Officers Association is to partner with the community and provide quality police service through community interaction, emphasizing the highest degree of cooperation, professionalism and ethical behavior, and to create an atmosphere of safety and security. Our community policing approach helps neighborhoods keep safe by working with our police officers daily. The SBPOA is active in our community and many of our members volunteer in the communities where they live.

We proudly serve the community and city of Santa Barbara. We are committed to not only the safety of our citizens and businesses but to providing charitable contributions to those in our community who need our help the most.

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About the Santa Barbara City Firefighters Association

The men and women of the Santa Barbara City Firefighters Association serve the community and citizens of Santa Barbara protecting life, environment and property. Our fire department is successful because we base our tactics on teamwork and trust. We are proud to team with the residents of Santa Barbara to enhance public safety and fire safety throughout our region. We use that teamwork, not only in our local area, but also at a state and even national level, to get the job done effectively and most importantly safely. Through our philanthropic efforts we are able to extend our responsibilities to the community with charitable donations to local organizations.